Earn Money from Google with these 3 Ways


Google through its program called Google AdSense has provided 3 choices of cooperation with publishers. How to make money from Google, you can get it from Blog (Blogger), YouTube, and Admob (Developer).

INPHEDIA.ID - Progress in technology that continues to grow at this time, Google is the most effective means to find out many things. What is needed on Google is available, ranging from news, general knowledge to even unique things. since it was launched until now, Google is the most complete digital library in the world.

Google has been asking questions, looking for news, adding insight, watching videos on YouTube and downloading files that users use. However, not many people know that we will earn and earn money by becoming a Google business partner.

In all corners of the world since it was founded in 2003, Google has long paid business partners. For Indonesia, it began around 2012. In that year, Google officially announced that Indonesian Language was supported to display AdSense for Content ad units. The online business in question is Google AdSense.

Google through its program called Google AdSense has provided 3 choices of cooperation with publishers. You are not an employee, but a Google business partner. To make money from Google, you can choose one or even choose all three. How to make money from Google, you can get it from Blog (Blogger), YouTube, and Admob (Developer).

Earn Money from Blogging on Blogger

Getting money from blogging is actually difficult but easy. It's hard, a blogger must create a blog and write useful articles, such as blogs about history, culture, tourism, education, health, recipes, tutorials and so on. It's easy, after you get money from Google AdSense that's easy.

After the blog that you have created and so registered and approved by Google, install Google AdSense ads. Don't forget to promote the content of your blog with social media that you have, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on.

If a visitor comes and clicks on an ad on the blog page, Google will count every second, the number of shows even the transaction as long as the visitor clicks on the ad on your blog.

Earn Money from Video Uploads on YouTube

By uploading videos on youtube.com, you can make money. After you have a YouTube account, you create a useful video, which can be a tutorial, review or recording a unique event. Then, upload it on your Youtube site account.

Make sure your youtube channel has been received by Google AdSense in order to place the ad. Videos that have been uploaded, you share or promote. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media. At first glance, this method is considered the easiest compared to writing blog articles or creating applications.

Currently registering Google Adsense through YouTube is different from the previous one. Google Adsense registration requirements through the latest YouTube, namely first, your YouTube channel account must be verified with a cellphone number. Second, your channel must collect a total of 4,000 hours of viewing from the total videos available, and your third channel requirement must already have 1,000 subscribers or Subscriber.

Earn Money from the Admob Application (Developer)

Google Admob is an Android based application. For beginners, the method might be quite complicated to make 1 application. However, according to those who have done it through this application it's easy to get an AdSense account.

The first step is to create applications that have useful content, such as tutorials, eBooks, MP3s, videos, tips and more. etc. Then, you register an Admob account to monetize the application. Once approved, from Admob you will get an ad code that will be inserted into the application.

So that many people can search and download the finished application and insert the ad code that must be uploaded immediately in Playstore. Promote your application through a variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, FbAds and so on as a media campaign.

If many of your applications download and install on HP, Google AdSense ads will appear there. This opportunity is most likely the user will click on ads from Google AdSense and you will get money from this application.

To make Admob (Developer) different from YouTube and Blogger. If you create a free YouTube and Blogger account, to have a Google Admob account (Developer) you have to spend $ 25 as an initial fee. However, this is not a problem. Most importantly, you are serious about running it. (**)

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