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To get money from Instagram there are many ways that people do. In addition to ideas and preparing photos/videos, you also need to set up a smartphone connected to the internet.

INPHEDIA.ID - To get money from Instagram there are many ways that people do. In addition to ideas and preparing photos/videos, you also need to set up a smartphone connected to the internet. Because it's useless if you have an internet connection that isn't connected. Is not it? Here are six ways you can make money from Instagram.

1. Become a Buzzer

Being an Instagram user has many advantages. One of them you can be a buzzer or an influential person to make a topic hot for people to talk about.

To become a buzzer, there are certain conditions. For example, you have to have thousands to millions of followers. But not fake followers, of course.

In addition, a buzzer must also have a special feature on his Instagram account. For example, you are interested in the world of the environment. So your posts on Instagram should not be far from the environment theme. And of course your posts are liked and talked about a lot by people.

Don't be surprised if there are parties who are interested in using your buzzer service to raise certain environmental topics to be discussed. Surely you are paid for it.

2. Become a Grammer

You can also get money from Instagram by becoming a celebrity or Instagram celebrity. The requirement to become a celebrity is almost the same as a buzzer. You have to have many followers from thousands to millions.

Being a celebrity is really easy to get money. The problem is, advertisers will easily use your services. They will see your account from the number of followers, number of likes and comments.

The advertiser will ask to print the product in your account. For them, this is an easy way to promote a product so that it can be reached by many people through Instagram.

3. Selling Photos

Having photography talent should be used to get money. You can sell your best shots on Instagram. Like Daniel Arnold, a professional photographer who once sold his photos with an income of Rp170 million a day in 2013. Cool. The same way you can actually do it.

You can post your best photos that are considered able to sell. Don't forget to use a watermark on every photo you post. Later, if there are parties interested in buying your photo, you can give the original photo.

4. Selling Products

It has become a common thing that Instagram is a social media that is very suitable for marketing media. Because, there are many types of business on Instagram that can be done.

On Instagram, you can start by becoming a dropshipper or selling other people's products without having to spend capital on product purchases.

In addition, you can also be a reseller of other people's products. The difference is, to be a reseller, you usually have to buy the product first for resale.

If your business becomes a dropshipper or the reseller has succeeded, you can go up to the class of being a producer of certain products while still making Instagram a media selling your business.

After everything goes well, get ready for money will continue to flow from the sale on Instagram. But, don't be happy. The name of the business sometimes sells, sometimes it doesn't. Tidal. His name is also selling.

5. Become an Admin

Another way to get money from Instagram is to become an admin. Many prominent figures or people need publication and socialization about their work through social media including Instagram. However, many of them cannot operate Instagram.

It may be that they are clueless about technology stutter, so they need the help of an admin to manage their account. Well, if you are used to playing Instagram and need extra money, you can become the admin of the characters and people.

But it's rather difficult to break into their admin. You should at least have a lot of acquaintances with these people. You also have to convince them that you can manage their account according to the content they want.

If they have entrusted you to manage their account, just get ready for your money from them. If your client is satisfied with how to manage your account, it is not impossible that there are many offers from other important figures.

6. Hunter Quiz

Be diligent in joining quizzes on Instagram if you want to get money. This point is worth trying. On Instagram, many accounts hold good quizzes held by online stores, governments and companies.

Quiz models that are held are quite diverse. Starting from just reposting, mentioning friends to creating creations through posts with attractive prizes ranging from products to cash.

So six ways to get money from Instagram that you can do. So, having an Instagram account doesn't just become a toy. Now it's time to make Instagram earn money. (TP.IN/R-03/*)

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