How to Make Money from Twitter


Not only can you do business online, you can also get money through advertising or affiliation through social media like Twitter.

INPHEDIA.ID - Today, there are various and many goals why people like to use social media. Most young people use social media as a means of communicating in an existing and modern way with peers.

Moreover, other productive age groups often use social media as a way to show their professionalism. The existence of social media is currently growing and is widely used for various purposes.

Of the many purposes of using social media, one goal that sounds interesting and promising is the function of social media as a producer of money.

Not only can you do business online, you can also get money through advertising or affiliation through social media like Twitter. Here are some ways to get money through Twitter, which is quoted from a number of sources.

1. Through MyLikes

MyLikes (Mylikes.com) is an ad network that uses the concept of paid per click. If we succeed in cooperating with MyLikes, then we are free to choose thousands of ads that we want to promote through Twitter.

We can also schedule ad tweets according to the time we want. After the payment that we get has reached the minimum payout, MyLikes will withdraw the payment every week.

2. Through Ad.ly

Ad.ly (Adly.com) ad network promotion style is somewhat different and unique when compared to other ad networks. Not using the paid per click concept, we actually have to make an attractive profile custom in accordance with creativity. Furthermore, the Ad.ly team will choose profiles that are considered attractive and appropriate for advertising promotion.

What benefits will we receive if selected by the Ad.ly team? We will get a very large fee when we can cooperate with Ad.ly. Ad.ly will ask us to make a number of tweets at specified times. That sounds definitely interesting, right?

3. Via TwitPub

TwitPub (Twitpub.com) allows us to make money from Twitter through the concept of an affiliate business. Through TwitPub, advertisers and buyers can get premium tweet services.

TwitPub has gained quality recognition after being reviewed by several media such as CNET, VentureBeat and several other media. When using TwitPub, we can control all settings and payout via the TwitPub dashboard. Very easy and practical.

4. Through Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets (SponsoredTweets.com) is one of the most popular ad networks on Twitter. One of the advantages of Sponsored Tweets compared to other Twitter ad networks is the freedom for us to determine the price of each ad that we will tweet.

In addition, we are also free to choose the various advertisements that we want through the Sponsored Tweets platform, which is regularly updated.

To be able to make money from this one ad network, we must fulfill several conditions, namely having at least 50 followers, have made at least 100 tweets and the Sponsored Tweets account that we registered has been active for more than 60 days.

Next, we just have to place the ad. Our commission will be calculated in several methods, one of them is commission per one tweet. Interesting right.

5. Through Rev Twt

Another Twitter ad network that carries the concept of paid per click is Rev Twt (Revtwt.com). The more our Twitter followers, the better our reputation on Rev Twt. A better reputation will open up opportunities for us to get higher fees. Rev Twt's minimum payout value that can be disbursed via paypal ranges from US $ 20.

Apparently, there are many ways you can do to make money through Twitter. Some references to the ad network on Twitter can certainly be an option for those of you who want to just get extra money or even seriously do business in the internet.

So, now Twitter can not only be used to exist and be narcissistic. Because, there are many other useful activities that we can do on Twitter, one of which is using Twitter as a money-making media. (TP.IN/R-03)

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