Blog Criteria That Google AdSense Likes As a Publisher


Choose 1 topic or niche, make quality content, create original articles yourself and not copy paste, and never violate the Google AdSense TOS.

INPHEDIA.ID - To register as a publisher, blog or website that Google Adsense likes must meet a number of predetermined krateria. This can be understood, considering that to be accepted by Google AdSense of course you have to obey what is a requirement.

Many people have been rejected when sending requests on Google AdSense because of templates, articles that are inadequate and others. But, many also do not give up on becoming a publisher on Google AdSense. Then, what are the palace blogs that receive and make money from Google AdSense?

Choose 1 Topic or Niche

Blog topics are very important. Because, the characteristics of Google AdSense ads that appear on blogs / websites are ads that appear on blogs related to the topic of the blog. This is one of the advantages for bloggers who build niche blogs because it can be simplified when sending their applications to Google AdSense.

Make Quality Content

Google Adsense really emphasizes blogs that are in contact. Because quality content can make it easier for blog visitors to understand what is conveyed in a blog article. Quite often many blogs are not approved because of the lack of quality articles on the blog.

Make Original Articles Alone and Not Copy Paste

Google AdSense likes blogs that are written in their own original writing alias not copy paste (Copas). copy paste activities on blogs are very risky, not only on Google AdSense but also potentially banned by Google. So, avoid copy paste.

Use the Seo Friendly and Responsive Blog Template

In terms of appearance, templates are not only a factor to be able to appear on Google Page One pages but Google AdSense wants a minimalist and not crowded display template for widgets. The template that Google AdSense likes, which is the Seo friendly and responsive template.

Never Break the Google AdSense TOS

The most concern is not to violate the Google AdSense TOS. Very often bloggers forget about this. Though it will be fatal if you do not read AdSense high-fries because of the potential to be rejected as a publisher.

Therefore, before sending a request on Google AdSense it would be better to multiply quality articles, not copy paste, and use templates that are as friendly and responsive. Because, it all can help you approve on Google AdSense. (TN/ ENG/**)

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