Easy Ways to Put Google AdSense Auto Ads Ads on Blog


Auto Ads is a new format for placing Google AdSense ads that is very easy to use.

INPHEDIA.ID - Google AdSense advertising program that is always being developed and innovating continues to be friendly to users and also beneficial for publishers and advertisers.

Although currently there are many advertising programs that appear as an alternative to Google AdSense, but in fact Google AdSense is still a favorite of many circles, both for advertisers and publishers.

Different from before, at this time Google AdSense issued a new ad format called "Auto Ads" or automatic advertising, and added several new ad formats, such as Matched Contents, In-Feed Ads and In-Articel Ads, to increase choices and make it easier for publishers .

Auto Ads Format

Auto Ads or automatic advertising is a new ad format unit from Google AdSense created to facilitate users in implementing AdSense ads on your blog or website.

The Auto Ads ad format is claimed to be smart advertising because it can automatically appear in certain areas using the machine learning method to make the decision to place ads in the best position. Most interesting here, you only need to add one piece of code once to your page and Google will take care of the rest.

With this Auto Ads, you will not be confused with ad optimization, choosing the size of the ad, choosing the type of unit or format of the banner ad, and choosing the position of ad placement on your website.

The advantages of Google AdSense Auto Ads

By using Google AdSense Auto Ads, you only need to copy and place one ad code on your blog and Google AdSense that automatically organizes everything.

In addition, with Auto Ads you do not need to delete the AdSense ad code that was installed before, because Auto Ads will automatically detect the ad and place more appropriate ads.

Auto Ads automatically includes Anchor and Vignette ads and many more additional formats, such as Text and Display, In-feed and Ads content ads, and migrate to users who use Page Level Ads ads without the need to add code to their pages.

Auto Ads gives you the choice to choose a page where you don't want to apply Auto Ads, like on the Homepage and many more.

If you already have a specific ad placement area on your website, of course you should use an ad format that has been set manually so as not to disrupt your web design, but if your website does not have a specific ad placement area then using Auto Ads is a very appropriate choice.

How to Install Google Adsense Automatic Ads on Blog / Website

Using and installing Google AdSense Auto Ads ads on your blog the steps are very easy.


- Please enter your Google AdSense account, and click the My ads menu »Auto Ads.
- There, you will see the Auto Ads option with a little explanation and just click the "Get Started" button.

Then, you will be taken to the general settings page or "Global Settings", in this section you can choose what ad formats you want to activate on Auto Ads. Please choose according to your wishes.

After that, don't forget to check "Automatically Get New Format". This is so that Auto Ads can display new ad formats on your blog if Google AdSense creates a new ad format. If you have, please click the "Save" button.

After clicking the "Save" button, then please click the "Setup Auto Ads" button and you will see a popup appear with your Auto Ads ad code. Please copy the ad code.


In this second step, you will create two installation methods that you can implement on blogs created with WordPress and Blogger, because these two platforms are the most used platforms.

1. Using the "WordPress" Blog

- Please enter your WordPress admin area, and enter the Appearance menu »Editor, and open the file header.php
- Please paste the auto ads ad code after the <head> tag
- Then, click the "Save Changes" button

2. Using the "Blogger" Blog

- Please enter your Blogger account, and open your blogger dashboard.
- Select Themes »Edit HTML
- Please search for the code <head> tag and paste the auto ads ad code under the <head> tag.
- Then, click the "Save" button.

So how to get the code and install Auto Ads ads from Google AdSense. Please refresh your blog and see that your Google AdSense Auto Ads ad is now displayed. For more details, you can also check the performance of Google Auto Ads ads by opening My Ads »Auto Ads and clicking Statistics. Good luck and success always for you. (TN/ENG/**)

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