Here Is The Benefits of Black Pepper for Health


Black Pepper

INPHEDIA.ID - Black pepper has been famous for a long time. Because in addition to being a spice in cooking is also efficacious for health. Spicy, hot and unique. These two sensations are inevitable when eating foods containing black pepper.

One type of spice cannot be missed for processing stir-fried beef, tongseng, satay, tekwan, models and other foods. In addition to giving a spicy and unique sensation in food if given black pepper, it turns out black pepper is also beneficial for health. The method is processed and mixed in such a way.

1. Restore flu and cough

In ancient China, black pepper has been used as a medicine especially cough and flu drugs. Pepper can stimulate mucus flow. Pepper can be combined with honey to get maximum benefits. Honey works as a natural cough suppressant.

Launching from Stylecraze, if you have flu and cough, just mix one teaspoon of powdered black pepper with two tablespoons of honey. Pour hot water, cover, and let stand for about 15 minutes. Drink regularly and the nose will not be blocked again plus the cough will decrease.

2. Good for the brain

Its size is not how much it saves great benefits, especially for the brain. The piperine content in black pepper is an enzyme that breaks down serotonin, a hormone to calm nerve tissue. This enzyme is also a healthy function of melatonin or a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle.

Piperine is also important for those who have Parkinson's. This enzyme blocks other enzymes that can interfere with dopamine production. In Parkinson's patients, dopamine levels usually drop dramatically. Not only parkinsonism, piperine is also good for those who are depressed.

3. Healthy digestion

The body secretes acid called hydrochloric acid which is important in the digestive process. Consumption of black pepper helps the body increase the release of this acid to help the digestive process. Hydrochloric acid helps prevent gas production in the intestine and stimulates sweat and urine as a means for the body to release toxins.

4. Lose weight

Black pepper can help those who have the desire to lose weight. The key, fat cells must be destroyed for the ideal body weight. The dark layer of black pepper can accelerate the breakdown of fat cells and increase metabolism.

These two benefits can ultimately bring benefits, namely weight loss. The carminative properties of black pepper help cleanse the body of gases in the intestine and reduce bloating.

5. Prevent cancer

As a deadly disease, cancer needs to be prevented, including by using black pepper. Piperine in black pepper can potentially fight cancer when paired with turmeric.

Black pepper contains vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, carotene and other antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals and protect the body from cancer and other diseases. The best way to get this benefit is to eat a fresh hitma pepper mill and not be consumed as a spice.

6. Increase fertility in men

Pepper plays an important role in increasing male fertility. Black pepper is rich in zinc and magnesium, which functions to boost testosterone levels. Zinc is also useful to help the formation and movement of sperm. (TP/ENG/**)

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