Here's How to Find Out About Your WhatsApp Account at Block


There are several ways to confirm whether you are really blocked or not.

INPHEDIA.ID -- The easiest way to find out about a WhatsApp (WA) account You can't contact people who are blocking, there are several ways to confirm whether you are really blocked or not. The following signs are some indications that certain contacts have blocked you.

1. Try with a Call

To determine whether you have been blocked on WhatsApp is trying with a call. Try calling that person either through Voice or Video calls. If the call rings, you have not been blocked.

Conversely, if all attempts to call the person do not show ringing, that could mean three things: the user is not activating the cellphone, has no internet connection or you have been blocked.

2. Check Single

Usually, when a message has been successfully sent to the recipient on WhatsApp, "ticks" is an indication of the delivery status of your message. If you send a text message to a contact and only have one check mark for a very long time, this means your message has been sent but not received by the recipient.

Any messages sent to contacts who have blocked you will always show a check mark (sent message), and never show two check marks (messages received) if you are blocked.

However, this method can be wrong, because if your opponent does not activate WA, the message will not enter even if we are not blocked.

3. Hidden Availability Status

If the user's availability status (such as the 'Online' or 'Last Visible' time mark) no longer appears in the chat window, it can also be an indication that you have been blocked.

This method, however, is not an effective confirmation because the user might have changed the Last Viewed settings in the Account Privacy menu.

4. Test with The Group

If you have tried all the methods above and you are not sure whether you are blocked or not, you must do a group test. This is the main confirmation. Create a group and try adding the suspected block to the group.

If the contact is successfully added to the group, the user does not block you. If, on the other hand, WhatsApp displays an error message 'You are not authorized to add this contact' when you add a contact to the group, then of course, that person has blocked you.

5. Static Profile

If someone blocks you on WhatsApp, that person's profile will not be updated again. If it's not blocked, then you see their new profile picture every time they upload it.

There are times when the person's profile picture is lost and all we can see is the WhatsApp display avatar. But, this method may not only be used to determine whether you have been blocked or not. This could be and there is a possibility that the person's profile picture does not change because he does not (regularly) update it.

So what about the blocking status? The answer, there is no way to unblock someone against you unless the person himself opens it. (TN.IN/ENG/**)

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