Here's How to Use Video Calling on WhatsApp 4 People Simultaneously


INPHEDIA.ID - Globally, the Video Calling Group feature on WhatsApp has been released. Amazingly, users have been able to enjoy video conversations with other users for up to four participants at once Video Calling.

How to use this feature is actually very easy. First, users certainly have to download the latest WhatsApp updates from both the Google Apps Store and the Apple Play Store. Then the user must make a video call first to his colleague.

Add Video Call Participants on WhatsApp

Once connected, an icon with the + sign will appear in the upper right corner. This icon can be used to add participants to the video call. If you tap this icon, then you are asked to choose who wants to be invited to join group video calling.

Keep in mind, participants who you can invite to join only whose numbers are stored in your contact list. Tap the contact icon in the upper right corner with a red circle, then choose which contact you want to join to join the WhatsApp Video Calling Group Tap the contact icon in the upper right corner with a red circle, then select which contact you want to join in WhatsApp Video Calling Group

When there are two or three people in the chat, other video call recipients can see the profile photo, number or name of the participant who has joined. So other invited video call recipients can determine whether they want to join or not.

WhatsApp also released the group voice calling feature simultaneously. How to use it is no different, similar to group video calling. WhatsApp also guarantees the security of these two features. All of these calls both video and voice will also be encrypted so that it will be difficult to hack.

Both of these features have actually been tested. Video Calling Group and Voice Calling Group were introduced by Mark Zuckerberg on the F8 event in early May last year. With this feature, WhatsApp can now compete further with other instant messaging applications such as Skype or Line. (TN/ENG/**)

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