Surprising Benefits of Soursop Fruit and Leaves for Beauty


The benefits of soursop leaves and fruit are apparently not only for health, but also have many benefits for skin and hair beauty.

INPHEDIA.ID - Soursop fruit is easily obtained in our environment. In fact, in traditional markets there are supermarkets that sell them. Because the spiny green fruit that has soft and juicy meat is found in the tropics. The fruit with sweet and sour taste later became popular because of the properties of its leaves to treat cancer.

Some health experts' research shows that soursop can kill cancer cells up to 10 times, more effective than chemotherapy. In fact, long ago it turned out that this fruit had indeed long been part of traditional medicine, including in Indonesia.

Soursop benefits are apparently not only for health, but also have many benefits for skin and hair beauty, such as curing skin disorders, fighting signs of aging, overcoming head lice, preventing hair loss to reduce dandruff.

1. Reducing dandruff

Soursop leaves contain ingredients that are anti-parasitic. If applied to the scalp, the anti-parasite content will help fight dandruff along with the symptoms caused, including itchy and dry scalp.

2. Fight the sign of aging

Soursop fruit contains high ascorbic acid and vitamin C. The two ingredients function as antioxidants in our body which can help reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation on the skin.

3. Cure skin disorders

Soursop leaves have effective healing qualities, because they are suitable for treating various skin problems. If you put fresh soursop leaves on your skin that are in trouble, the skin disease will heal faster.

4. Overcoming head lice

Who would have thought that soursop leaves could also function as an anti-lice remedy. To deal with lice lodged in hair, use soursop leaves that have been crushed for creambath. Wipe it evenly throughout the hair and scalp. After that wrap the head with a warm towel and let stand for 30 minutes.

5. Prevent hair loss

Soursop, with high vitamin C content in it can help prevent and overcome hair loss. Diligent consumption of soursop fruit will make hair healthier and stronger. (TP / ENG / **)

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