Before Driving, These 5 Things You Must Know and Pay Attention


INPHEDIA.ID - If you will or when traveling by vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, there are some things that seem trivial but sometimes forgotten even sometimes not so ignored.

In fact, these things greatly affect the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. What things need to be considered before or when driving?

1. Driver's condition

Before driving, the driver's condition is required to be in good condition. If the driver is in a bad condition when driving is feared something unexpected will happen.

2. Vehicle performance

Before traveling, checking the condition of the vehicle is something that must be done, such as oil, tires, brakes, battery conditions, radiator water and others. If necessary, the driver can check it in the workshop so the trip can run smoothly.

3. Use a safety device

Safety equipment on the go is very necessary. Before motorists travel they must wear safety devices, such as helmets for motorbike riders and seat belts for motorists.

4. Bring your SIM and vehicle documents

To drive a motorbike and a car, the driver is required to have permission, every driver must have a SIM to be able to drive, as well as letters of the vehicle that must be taken while traveling.

5. Pay attention to traffic signs

Make sure on the way the driver sees the traffic signs printed on the road that will or is being passed. These traffic signs can be in the form of warnings, prohibitions, and instructions for each driver.

Therefore, in driving a vehicle, every driver must comply with traffic regulations. By paying attention and obeying the traffic rules, the driver can avoid accidents that harm themselves or others. (TPS.IND / ENG / *)

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