Blood Cancer Is Leukemia or Not? Don't Believe Myth, Find The Answer


The most important key factors are proper initial diagnosis and treatment that is appropriate to the specific conditions experienced by the patient.

INPHEDIA.ID - Blood cancer Is it leukemia or not? Let me not mistakenly understand what and how cancer is blood so it is not easy to believe in the myths that are milling out there, Hematology Senior Consultants at Parkway Cancer Center (PCC), Singapore, Lim ZiYi, as INPHEDIA.ID quoted and summarized and reviewed it like the following.

1. Dollar crops can be a cause of leukemia

There was news that said dollar crops could cause blood cancer. In fact, this assumption is very wrong. Although this plant is poisonous and can cause itching or irritation if ingested, studies conducted by the Indonesian Knowledge Institute prove this plant does not cause leukemia.

In fact, from the research results, dollar plants only contain oxalate which can cause itching, but it is not a carcinogen that can trigger leukemia.

2. Blood cancer including hereditary diseases

Not a few who think that blood cancer is a hereditary disease. In fact, although blood cancer is a genetic disease, but changes in genes in patients with blood cancer occur spontaneously and suddenly. This change is not inherited, but occurs when it has developed in the body.

Some risk factors that have been proven to trigger blood cancer are exposure to chemotherapy, radiation, or certain chemicals used in the petrochemical industry such as benzene.

3. Cancer of the blood is the same as leukemia

Many people think that these two diseases are the same. Blood cancer is the same as leukemia. It's true, but exactly, leukemia is one of the three types of blood cancer in addition to lymphoma and myeloma.

Leukemia results from abnormal growth of white blood cells. Lymphoma attacks the work of the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, usually called lymph disease. Whereas myeloma is formed from malignant plasma cells.

4. New blood cancers can be detected at the end of the stage

Don't worry first, blood cancer can be detected early by checking for symptoms that often arise such as prolonged fever, drastic weight loss, and the appearance of lymph swelling for the type of lymphoma.

Health checks, especially the number of blood cells can know the condition of blood and cancer in the body. So there is no term "stadium" or late handling of blood cancer. Because, this type of cancer attacks blood cells that circulate throughout the body.

5. Spinal cord donors must come from the patient's family

Contrary to the myths in circulation, patients can get a bone marrow transplant or stem cell from a donor other than a family or who doesn't have blood relations. In fact, patients can also get a spinal cord donor from the umbilical cord blood stored in the cord blood bank.

The donor himself will not experience prolonged side effects other than feeling sick and tired for a week after the donor process. Current technological advances make the donor process not require heavy operation.

6. Blood cancer is difficult to cure

Patients with blood cancer do not necessarily just wait to die because the disease has not or cannot be cured. Until now there have been various breakthroughs in medical science that can help cure blood cancer. The most important key factors are proper initial diagnosis and treatment that is appropriate to the specific conditions experienced by the patient.

Thus a number of explanations that often circulate about blood cancer. Hopefully this article no longer makes it a misunderstanding and does not worsen the condition of patients and families of blood cancer patients. Hopefully useful! (TP / ENG / R-05)

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