These Are The 12 Smallest and Unique Countries in The World


Grenada, one of the smallest countries in the world
The smallest country in the world turns out that there is even an area of ​​only 0.44 square kilometers.

INPHEDIA.ID - Compared to Indonesia, the smallest countries in the world have not yet had half the size. For Indonesia, the country stretches from Sabang to Merauke and is lined with islands, it is also different from some of the smallest countries in the world.

The smallest country in the world turns out that there is even an area of ​​only 0.44 square kilometers. In a matter of numbers, the total number of countries in the world is 196 and there are 12 countries which are counted as having the smallest but unique area. The following is INPHEDIA.ID and summarizes the smallest and unique countries. We start the country from the widest of the smallest.

1. Grenada with an area of ​​344 km²

The first smallest country in the world is Grenada. The country which is in the area of ​​the Caribbean Islands is known as one of the largest nutmeg producing countries in the world.

Located in the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada is a country that has strong French traditions and culture. You who like tourist attractions with old building architecture, must vacation here.

2. Malta with an area of ​​316 km²

The country located on an island is also named the smallest country in the world. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has three main islands namely Gozo, Comino, and the largest Malta. The country is only inhabited by 450 thousand people who have the main income from the tour.

3. Maldives with an area of ​​300 km²

Maldives or better known as Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. Both in terms of region or population. If in Indonesia it has around 17 thousand islands, Maldives has more than 1,192 coral islands spread over an area of ​​90,000 m². Because of this, this country is also the most spread out country in the world.

4. Seychelles with an area of ​​277 km²

This archipelagic country located in the Indian Ocean has great views. Freedom in 1976 Seychelles has now become one of the tourist destinations that must be visited.

5. Saint Kitts and Nevis with an area of ​​261 km²

Saint Kitts and Nevis is located in the Leeward Islands, the Caribbean is the smallest country in America. The seventh smallest country in the world was founded in June 1983. If you like water sports, you should visit Saint Kitts and Nevis because of the unparalleled beauty of the underwater.

6. Marshall Islands with an area of ​​181 km²

The Marshall Islands are between Hawaii and Australia and are already famous for their tours. The most exciting activity you can do here is to live like a local.

7. Liechtenstein with an area of ​​160 km²

Liechtenstein located in the Alps is ruled by a Prince. Located between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is listed as a country with the lowest unemployment rate of 1.5%. If you want to visit this country you have to take care of a visa and come from Switzerland.

8. San Marino with an area of ​​61 km²

The San Marino region is completely surrounded by Italy, this small country is known for its beauty. The oldest constitutional republic in the world is also the third smallest country in Europe. San Marino, which has a natural beauty that makes me amazed, the population is only 30,000 people.

9. Tuvalu with an area of ​​26 km²

Maybe you haven't even heard about Tuvalu, the country that has obtained independence from the UK is in the Pacific Ocean. The location of this country is also close to Australia.

Unfortunately, access to Tuvalu is still very difficult so that only a few tourists can come here. At present there are around 10,000 residents and their currency is Australian Dollar (AUD).

10. Nauru with an area of ​​21 km²

If Indonesia is known as a large archipelagic country, now Nauru is different from Indonesia. Nauru has been named the smallest island nation in the world. The Republic of Nauru, located in the Central Pacific east of Australia, became independent in 1968.

To date, Nauru has been managed by Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. One of the unique things about Nauru is that the population in this country is known to be the fatest and almost 90% are obese.

11. Monaco with an area of ​​2 km²

Monaco, which has the same national flag as Indonesia, also has a very small area. This country located in France is one of the independent countries in the world.

If you call this country, you certainly can't escape the names of millionaires and billionaires in the world. Monaco is also known for its gambling industry and is a favorite place for the richest people in the world. Monaco is also known as Formula 1 or F1.

12. Vatican with an area of ​​0.44 km²

The smallest country of the world's smallest is the Vatican, with an area of ​​0.44 km². While the total population is around 842 people. As the Vatican already knows is the Holy See and the center of the world Catholic Church. This Vatican is located in the Italian capital of Rome. This country was directly ruled by the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Although these countries are small but have their own uniqueness. Approximately, do you want to visit the smallest country first? Everything has its own charm. (PWS.IN/ENG/*)

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