Wat Arun Travel Destinations and The Grand Palace Thailand


Wat Arun and The Grand Palace, two historical and cultural attractions that are quite well-known in Thailand and are visited by many tourists.

INPHEDIA.ID - In Thailand there are two tourist destinations that you don't miss if you visit this country, named Wat Arun and The Grand Palace. Both historical and cultural attractions are quite famous in this country and are visited by many tourists.

Wat Arun, one of the oldest temples in Thailand that is full of ancient and interesting architecture. Wat Arun offers such a beautiful view, especially at night.

A beautiful temple that is only a short distance from The Grand Palace, you can visit on foot from the building of the ancient kingdom. Save time and money, you can enjoy these two tourist destinations at once.

Meanwhile, The Grand Palace which is located not far from Wat Arun is an old building that has various historical heritage of Thailand. The building is so rich and unique. In this place you will be treated to a view of architectural artwork that is so beautiful, amazing and second to none.

The Grand Palace, consists of various parts, including temples, basements that are interesting and contain a maze of halls from the Kingdom of Thailand in the past and various other historical relics. Here, you will see the richness of the culture and also the glory of this country in the past. (PSW.INP / ENG / **)

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