Development History Up to The Benefits of The Internet That You Need to Know


When someone searches for news, useful articles, plays games, looks for job openings, to order certain goods or products can be through the internet. Various kinds of needed can be found on the internet.

INPHEDIA.ID - At present, it is undeniable that almost everyone, from children to adults or even the elderly, even uses the internet. Not only that, almost all aspects of work in our daily lives have relied on the internet.

Users can access the internet using computers, laptops, and cellphones. Only with "Click", what someone needs can be found on the internet, sophisticated devices are super smart from the advancement of science and technology and the development of this era.

It's no secret trick if you can find all solutions and answers on the internet. When someone searches for news, useful articles, plays games, looks for job openings, to order certain goods or products can be through the internet. Various kinds of needed can be found on the internet.

Definition and Function of the Internet

The definition of internet is a network that is interconnected using a global standard transmission control protocol (TCP / IP) system that is used as a packet exchange protocol in serving billions of users located throughout the world.

Internet stands for interconnected network. The internet can also be interpreted as an open global communication network and connecting millions or billions of computer networks of various types and types, using types of communication, such as telephones, satellites, and so on.

Meanwhile, the internet function is simply as a medium of communication, one place for access to information, sharing resources or data, so that it can broadcast and access news both directly and exchange data with online internet throughout the world.

Internet History and Its Development

The internet is a computer network that was first formed by the United States Department of Defense in 1969, with an ARPA project called the ARPANET. ARPA NET stands for Advanced Research Project Agency Network which demonstrates the way software and computer software have UNIX bases by communicating long distances with telephone lines.

The ARPANET project is designed by standardizing reliability and how much information can be sent to exchange information from which it forms a TCP / IP known as Transmision Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). The initial goal of the ARPANET Project was only military needs to connect vital areas or regions.

The ARPANET in 1969 initially could only connect 4 sites such as the Stanford Research Institute, University of Calirofornia, Santa Barbara, University of Utah. Then, in October 1972 the ARPANET was introduced in general and developed rapidly throughout the region until the ARPANET was in trouble.

From these difficulties, the ARPANET was divided into two, namely MILNET for military purposes and APRANET for non-military purposes. Over time, the community became known as DARPA and simplified to become the Internet as it is today.

The internet term itself was the first time in 1982 that the development of name servers made users able to connect to a particular host.

The development of the internet is currently managed and maintained by multilateral agreements and protocols that display data transfer between circuits. The protocol was formed based on the discussion of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which is open in general.

The agency that issued a document known as RFC, namely Request For Comment, part of which is used as Internet Standards by the Internet Architecture Agency. Internet protocols commonly used are IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, IMAP, SMPTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSL, HTTP, LDAP, and others.

Benefits of Using the Internet

From the ease of accessing the internet, there are many benefits that can be obtained as a user. With various functions and benefits, the internet is now like one of the needs, ranging from the delivery media and obtaining information to entertainment.

With the internet, making communication between individuals easy and faster, both domestically and abroad at a relatively low cost. The internet can also fill someone's free time and can entertain with a lot of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, music to playing games.

From the internet we can share insights and knowledge throughout the world. This benefit is very easy for anyone, including students, to find information about their lessons.

Not only that, the internet can be used for shopping known as online shopping. Online shopping provides convenience and efficiency where everyone does not need to go out and go to the destination in search of items or objects that certainly can be time consuming.

Today, many people use the internet as a media for business to find employment opportunities. Any business can be done on the internet, either directly or delivered through writing, uploading photos or videos.

In addition, with the many companies that use the internet, making job information is easier to publish and is known to job seekers that are often found on job vacancy information provider sites. (ART / IND / ENG / *)

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