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INPHEDIA.ID - In addition to SEO, Plugins, Email Newletter and build Backlinks, there are actually many ways you can do to help increase the number of visitors to your site / website / blog. Some efforts to increase traffic to sites / websites / blogs can be free, but there are also sources of traffic that do require capital or paid.

Although there are currently many ways we can do to increase traffic, but not all ways can match the type of site / website / blog that we have. We must be wise in choosing the source of traffic so that the results are more maximal.

The following is INPHEDIA.ID summarizing ways to increase traffic to site / website / blog visitors for free and paid.

Increase Free Website / Website / Blog Traffic

1. Through Blog Walking

Blog walking is an activity visiting other sites / websites / blogs that are still related to our blog, then leave comments on the site / website / blog. There are many blogs that provide a column for leaving a website URL for people who comment on their site, this is what we should make the best use of.

Keep in mind, never leave Spam comments on other people's blogs because it will only give you a bad image as a blogger or internet marketer. Make it a habit to read articles written first before leaving comments so that you understand giving comments that are in accordance with the topic of the article. By commenting well and leaving the URL of our blog in the column provided, you will get a backlink to your site.

In addition, it's likely that other visitors to the blog will also visit your site when they see the comments you have given. From this walking blog process we can get quite a lot of traffic, but indeed extra effort is needed by commenting on other blogs first.

2. Through the Social Bookmarking Site
Social bookmarking sites were originally created to help neters save the website address they like, so that they will make it easier when they want to open the website later. In its development, social bookmarking sites are often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic.

Here, we can save our site / website / blog URL or posting URL of our blog article to social bookmarking sites, with the hope that other users will be interested in the URL we submit and visit our site with the social bookmarking media. In addition, social bookmarking sites also often get traffic from search engines. So, the possibility of getting visitors from social bookmarking sites is quite potential and must be utilized properly.

3. Through the Social Media Site

Now is the era of social media and that is very true. The growth of social media users in Indonesia alone has experienced a very significant increase. Plus the development of smartphones in Indonesia has been very rapid. Most smartphone users must have an account on social media sites, at least one from social media sites. Well, of course this is a potential traffic that is large enough for us site / website / blog owners.

Businesses that are popular on social media will certainly have no trouble getting the attention of other social media users. That is why many businesses experience increased profits after they optimize social media for their business. Some social media that are often used to get traffic are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

4. Posting Articles / Posts / Content on Other Blogs
There are many blogs that give other people the opportunity to submit articles / writings / content and put a link on their blog. Of course the articles / content that we post on these blogs must be in accordance with the criteria they specify. We can put a link to our business site in the author section, some blogs allow their authors to put a link in the article. In addition to providing SEO effects, traffic referrals from these blogs are certainly quite a lot, especially if we write articles on well-known blogs.

5. Through the Forum Site
Discussion forum sites are often used by internet marketers as a medium to get traffic to their business sites / websites / blogs. There are many forum sites that allow links in threads or on their members' signatures. Of course this must be used as well as possible.

One thing we must pay attention to is still maintaining a good name in the forum. First read the rules in the forum before going further. Don't make a useless thread or thread that can make your reputation tarnished. Take advantage of the facilities of the forum signature link as well as possible and take advantage of the link facilities in the forum thread fairly. Because, there are several forums that do not allow links in threads, do not violate these rules.

Some forums that I recommend to get traffic and backlinks are entrepreneurs. Co, bersosial.com, forum.kompas.com, forum.detik.com, kaskus.co.id, and others. There are still many forums that we can use to get traffic referrals, but I suggest to focus on some of the most potential forums for your business.

Actually there are still many other free ways to get visitors to our site. But, the five ways above are actually very good if we can optimize it. Good SEO will certainly allow our site to get free traffic from search engines, such as Google.

Increase Site / Website / Blog Paid Traffic

Paid ways can be done to get traffic to your site / website / blog if you don't want to wait for a long time using the free optimization process. Advertising on several media can have a very good impact on increasing traffic, but in order not to be too wasteful, it is better for us to choose media that is truly effective and in accordance with the target business site. Here are some ways to increase site / website / blog traffic by paying:

1. Install PPC Ads
Google Adwords is the most well-known PPC advertising media company today. This Google-owned company already has a network of advertisers (advertisers) and publishers with a very large number throughout the world, including in Indonesia. The advantages of Google Adwords are the ads that appear on their publisher sites are advertisements that match the article.

There are many testimonials from their advertisers who say they are satisfied with Google Adwords services and have a positive impact on their business. Well, for those of you who want to get potential traffic to your business site, there's no harm in trying Google Adwords.

We don't need to do all marketing strategies to get traffic to our site / website / blog. Most importantly, we must understand about our own site / website / blog first, so that we can know which strategies are more effective in increasing the traffic of our site / website / blog visitors.

2. Advertise on Social Media
Facebook is the most effective social media for advertising because the conversion of ads on social media has proven to be very good. On Facebook Ads we can choose the target audience that best fits the category we need, this will affect the effectiveness of the ads that we install.

Based on experience, placing ads on Facebook Ads is very easy to do. We can set how much budget we want to spend on an ad click, and we can also set the target audience that fits our business.

Sometimes the free method is quite effective, but in many cases, paying methods are faster and more effective in providing potential traffic for our business website / blog / website. In addition, we also have to pay attention to matters relating to the quality of the website, such as the quality of content, navigation systems, loading speed, and so forth. If you can, it will be better if you do both, increase the traffic of site / website / blog visitors in a free and paid way. (INT.IND / ENG / *)

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