Effective Way to Save Android Batteries So As Not to Waste Use


In fact, many people are now able to spend all day with their smartphones. However, it is truly unfortunate if the Android smartphone battery cannot last long.

INPHEDIA.ID - Today smartphones like they have become basic needs in communication, social media and others. In fact, many people are now able to spend all day with their smartphones.

However, it is truly unfortunate if the Android smartphone battery cannot last long. Then what should be done so that the Android battery is not wasteful of its use? Here's how.

1. Adjust the screen brightness

The battery of an Android smartphone is more economical if you adjust the brightness to a minimum. Do not be too minimal, the most important screen can be seen by the eye. In addition to adjusting brightness, you can set screen's timeout (the length of the smartphone screen turns on).

If the previous screen's settings timeout is set for 5 to 10 minutes, you can reduce it to just a few seconds. You should know that leaving the screen on for a few minutes can affect the battery reduction.

2. Reduce the application to advertise a lot

The next Android battery saving method reduces advertising applications. Usually the free Android application displays a lot of ads, this can affect battery reduction quickly. Batteries are depleted when the ad tells you to upload data using the internet network. The use of the internet network, obviously makes the battery run out quickly.

3. Turn off location services

Smartphones have location service features. Usually location services are used to view our existence folder. If you do not use location services, it would be nice if the location service is turned off. The trick is to click settings à location service à please set it yourself. Turning off location services can prevent smartphone device access automatically. The way to save Android battery can only be done on certain Android versions.

4. Set Notifications

Notifications or notifications are often activated on smartphones. The notification feature serves to bring up the latest notification information that is followed both on the application and on the internet. To send information, the application retrieves data so that it requires a power supply in the form of a battery when running it. Android users can set notifications by setting the application tab all and remove the check notification feature.

5. Choose a dark color theme

The way to save Android battery is very effective in saving the battery of smartphones that use AMOLED, OLED, or other types of advanced screen types. On the inside of the screen is the type of sophisticated specifications that are able to increase the process of light. The bigger the pixel, the more bright the screen color will be.

Bright screen light causes excessive battery power consumption so that power runs out quickly. The solution to overcome this problem is to use a smartphone color theme, low pixel, and minimal light. How dark is the theme of the smartphone, the display can still be seen by the user.

6. Select an internet access connection

Smartphone internet access usually uses selullar or wifi network connections. If you are faced with two choices then the Android battery saving method is better to use a wifi connection. Selullar network connection makes the battery wasteful. Therefore, when there is a wifi network, you can move the connection.

The reason why using the cellphone connection makes the battery run out quickly, which is signal unstable. Sometimes the signal is small so it drains the battery. Unlike wifi, the signal transmitter is in the surrounding area so it remains stable. The signal is fully charged and does not consume the smartphone battery too much.

7. Don't use live wallpaper

The next way to save Android battery is to turn off the live wallpaper. Indeed live wallpaper can enhance the appearance of the smartphone screen but can consume the battery quickly. This is due to the coercion of the CPU and GPU smartphone to display live wallpaper continuously. Disable the live wallpaper application so that the battery savings are optimal. (TKN.IND / ENG / *)

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