Hot Spring Pool in Lampung


Way Belerang in Bumiagung Village, Kalianda City, South Lampung
If you want to enjoy a different sensation of traveling, just come to the hot tubs in Lampung Province, Indonesia, including the Hot Way Hot Water Baths and Sulfur Way Hot Springs.

INPHEDIA.ID - Lampung Province has many tourist destinations that you can visit, ranging from historical attractions, culture to beautiful natural charm. But, if you want to enjoy a different sensation of traveling, just come to the Hot Way Hot Springs Pool (Way Panas) and to the Way to Sulfur Hot Springs (Way Belerang).

In these two hot spring baths in Lampung, you can relax your body, even believed to be able to treat various diseases and nourish your skin because it contains sulfur.

The Way Panas Hot Water Bathing Pool is located in Merak Batin Village, Natar District, South Lampung Regency. The distance is quite close from Bandarlampung City, the capital of Lampung Province, about 19 kilometers or can be reached by traveling for 30 minutes. This bathing pool is always crowded with locals and travelers from various regions.

In addition to Natar, there are also other hot spring baths that are located close to the center of Kalianda City, South Lampung, named the Way of Sulfur Hot Bathing Pool. This hot spring is located in Bumiagung Village, Kalianda City.

The location of Way Belerang is only about 4 kilometers from the city center and can be reached by various types of vehicles. Facilities available at tourist hot springs, including rinse rooms, changing rooms, parking lots, and food and beverage vendors. (PSW.IND / ENG / *)

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