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To go to Pagang Island the trip can be reached by road and followed by a ferry boat.

INPHEDIA.ID - Pagang Island (Indonesian: Pulau Pagang) is an exotic island in the Province of West Sumatra (West Sumatra), Indonesia. This beautiful little island with a stunning stretch of white sand and clean sea water is located in Bungus Bay, Kabung District, South Coastal District.

The uniqueness of the island of Pagang directly faces the Indian Ocean. Although not yet visited by many tourists, it does not mean that your Pagang Island just skips if you visit West Sumatra.

To go to Pagang Island the trip can be reached by road and followed by a ferry boat. From Pekanbaru to Padang City, you have to travel around 10 hours by car to Bungus Harbor.

On Pagang Island there are several activities that you can do. Especially for those who have a hobby of diving, they can enjoy snorkeling while enjoying the marine life around the island. In fact, here are also many beautiful spots for you to take pictures.

Unfortunately, the beauty of Pagang Island is still not balanced with complete facilities. If you are going to the island it is recommended to bring a variety of preparations, including tents for example, so that your tour is enjoyable. Precisely, with not yet managed and not many tourists to Pagang Island, that's where it's natural. (PSW.IND / ENG / *)

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