Variety of Adventure Tourism Objects in Indonesia


In Indonesia, adventure tourism is increasingly stretching. Some regions continue to promote the promotion of tourism in their respective regions, both based on land activities, waters and air.

INPHEDIA.ID - As a country located in the equatorial region, Indonesia has a wide variety of natural and cultural potential as an attractive adventure tourism destination, starting from adventure tourism Nusa (activity based on land), adventure tourism tirta (activity based on the waters) and adventure tourism is enjoyed (based on activity in the air).

Actually, adventure tourism has long been known. The tourism industry focused on this aspect of adventure has developed in the Continent of Europe and America. Adventure tourism contributes to the rapid growth of investment and new development in adventure destinations.

This continues to show an increasing trend since the 20th century with the presence of niche markets based on variations in existing attractions. The development of adventure tourism can also be seen as a positive response from a shift in mass tourism (mass tourism) to special interest tourism (special interest tourism).

In Indonesia alone, adventure tourism is increasingly stretching. A number of regions continue to intensify the promotion of tourism in their respective regions, both based on land, water activities and air.

Some of the best-known adventure destinations in Indonesia, including Gunung Mas (Golden Mountain) Bogor, Batu (Stone) Malang, and Timbis Bali (Paragliding Tourism), Jomblang DIY Cave, Cipicung Sukabumi, and Kali Suci (Holy River) DIY (Cave Tourism) and Citarik Sukabumi River, Progo River Jogja and Ayung River Bali (River Tourism).

Then, Mount Semeru Malang, Mount Rinjani Lombok, Mount Carstensz Papua, Mount Gede Pangrango Cianjur, Mount Merapi Merbabu Jogya and Mount Kerinci (Mountain Climbing Tourism) and many others. (SRB.IND / ENG / *)

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