Marrakech, Destinations City of Historic Tourism in Morocco


In Marrakech there are tourist sites that you can visit, such as historical places and several architectures and several museums.

INPHEDIA.ID - Marrakech, known as the City of Red, is a historic tourist city that is very popular in Morocco, 400 kilometers from the capital Rabat or approximately 4 hours drive.

The city of Marrakech is nicknamed the City of Red because almost all buildings, hotels, houses and other buildings in the city are designed in red. In this city there are cultural riches and tourist attractions which are the main destinations for foreign tourists, especially Europe and other continents.

In this Red City, tourists can spend vacation time by visiting two unique tourist attractions of civilization, namely the old city in Medina and Gueliz as an icon of a modern city. The beauty of the City of Marrakech, even makes it the first choice as a place for holding various conferences and international meetings in Morocco.

In addition to feeling the barren air of the Sahara Desert, in Marrakech there are also tourist sites that you can visit, such as historical places and several architectures as well as several museums, Djemaa El-Fna, Traditional Souk (traditional) markets that are still in one area with Djema el-Fna, Koutoubia Mosque, Majorelle Gardens, Bahia Palace, Badi Palace and Oukaimeden snow mountains. (PSW.IND / ENG *)

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