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Writing became one of the means of communication that was effective and efficient enough to reach a wider mass audience. The purpose of your writing can be traced back to the goals of communication which are quite basic in the context of the cultural development of the community itself.

INPHEDIA.ID - You are moved to write because it has an objective goal whose mouth can be accounted for in front of the readers. Because, your writing is a means to convey opinions or ideas so that other people can understand and accept them.

Writing became one of the means of communication that was effective and efficient enough to reach a wider mass audience. On this basis, your purpose in writing can be traced back to the communication objectives that are quite basic in the context of the development of the culture of the community itself.

Writing part of the culture and the writer is the keeper, preserver, preserver and developer of a cultural side. Through the writing you write, communication is intertwined, channeled and become part of civilization.

The purpose of writing, informing everything, be it facts, data or events, including opinions and views of all of them so that the audience can gain new knowledge and understanding of various things that can or occur. Through writing you can also determine attitude, persuade and even be able to convince readers by using persuasive language styles.

Therefore, the persuasion function of an article will be able to produce if you are able to present in a style that is interesting, familiar, friendly and easy to digest. Perfect writing, what you write should be a reference for the success of an article in the middle of the reader.

Through reading the writings, the insight of one's knowledge will continue to grow, intelligence continues to be expected, which in turn can determine one's behavior. Educated people, for example, tend to be more open, tolerant, respect other people's opinions and naturally more rational. But on the contrary, there are also people who just do not respect the opinions of others for certain reasons, such as unreasonable or disagree with it.

In addition, writing can also entertain readers. The function and purpose of entertainment in communication, is not the monopoly of mass media such as radio, television or other digital products, but print media can also play a role in entertaining the audience.

Light writings or readings rich in anecdotes, stories and funny experiences can be read as penglipur lara. In fact, readings with sad story lines can entertain the reader. Whatever type of reading, if it has touched from the writing there is a satisfaction for the reader. (Akhmad Sadad / ENG / *)

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