This is The Difference Between SUVs, MPVs, City Cars and Hatchbacks


Of the many names and types of cars, some of you certainly still do not know what is meant by these terms and what are the differences.

INPHEDIA.ID - The development of the automotive world is getting more advanced. At present, cars in particular already have various types of brands. In fact, because there are already various terms now to name the type, or type of car, including Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), Hatchback and City Car.

Of the many names and types of cars, some of you certainly still do not know what is meant by these terms and what are the differences? As reported by the Daihatsu website, the following INPHEDIA.ID summarizes the understanding and purpose of the types of cars.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) type car, according to its function is able to pass through a variety of terrain, both off-road and on-road. SUVs can be designed to carry cargo, or passengers.

This car is demanded tough to be able to go beyond all types of terrain. The luggage capacity is quite broad, and can accommodate quite a number of passengers, can be seven, or eight people. One other advantage, SUVs are also comfortable to drive.

SUV is a combination of Jeep, pickup and sedan. The design has a high ground clearance (distance of the car body to the ground), complete features, sturdy but soft suspension.

Then, the exterior of this type of car that looks tough and elegant, the size of the tire and body are large, and has a powerful engine to make it easier for the car to pass through all terrain. Examples of SUVs are Terios, Rush, Fortuner, Pajero, and so on.

Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

This Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) car has the main function of transporting many passengers, or in Indonesia it is commonly called a family car. The advantages of this car, its size is bigger than a sedan car.

In addition, this type of car has a capacity of seven seats, plus there are many places to put small items. The name is multi, this car can also be used to carry goods by folding some unused seats. MPV type cars, such as Xenia, Avanza, Mobilio, Ertiga, and so on.

City Car

City Car type is defined as an urban car. As the name implies, this car is only suitable for use in traffic and terrain contained in the city. This type of car is mostly a small car that is suitable for use in traffic conditions that are congested, demanding that the car moves swiftly as well as fuel efficient.

City Car can also be taken for long trips such as out of town. However, because it is not designed for that, passengers will usually feel sore, because sitting too long and the engine will feel hot quickly. City Car types, such as Sirion, Brio, Kia Morning, etc.


This Hatchback type car is based on a type of sedan with a shorter rear end. A description of how easy a hatchback is a sedan without a tail. This type is usually used by cars today, in order to summarize the design, but still functional.

The designed trunk door can be opened up, making loading luggage easier. However, sometimes this type of car has minimal luggage, but can still be large if folding the rear seat. Hatchback type cars, such as Swift, Yaris, Jazz, Fiesta, and so on. (BS.IND / ENG / *)

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