Google Maps Users Can Share Routes and Arrival Times Through Third Party Applications


INPHEDIA.ID - Google Maps users are made easier. Now, Google Maps updates can send travel routes to the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to family, business partners, friends and anyone who is connected with their users to third-party applications.

Google Maps product manager, Samuel Mclean, revealed that this mapping service enhances the travel sharing feature by allowing users to send their estimated time of arrival (ETA) through the application.

"Getting to where you are is important, but getting to your destination safely and calmly is the most important thing of all ... making it easier by sharing your ETA with loved ones so you can keep your cellphone away from your hands and eyes when on the road," he wrote.

After starting to navigate to the destination, tap the up arrow (^ button) on the bottom right of the screen, then click "share trip". Your friends will then be able to see you moving along the navigation route in real-time.

From here, you can share your direct location, route and ETA with all your favorite contacts. Today's update also makes it possible to share on third-party applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp (WA) and others, so you can communicate with friends on platforms that you like.

When the trip ends, you will automatically stop sharing your location. This trip sharing update is available for driving, walking and biking navigation on Android and iOS smart phones. (SBB.IND / ENG *)

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