Banda Volcano Island, Enchanting Tourist Destinations in Maluku


INPHEDIA.ID - Banda Volcano Island at a glance sounds not too familiar, even though there are many adventurers who have come here. Pieces of paradise on this island were indeed untouched by many tourist hands.

Banda Volcano Island is an active volcano, as well as an island located in the Banda Sea that you can visit and climb. This island is one of the islands in the Banda Islands. The height is 656 meters above sea level. Administratively, the island belongs to Banda District, Central Maluku, Maluku Province, Indonesia.

Pieces of paradise on this island are illustrated by the uniqueness of the natural panorama, as well as the condition and condition of the island. In 2005, Banda Volcano Island was said to have been under the supervision of UNESCO, because it has become one of the world's historical heritage sites.

Banda Volcano Island was already known internationally when Indonesia was still in the hands of colonialism. At that time, Banda Volcano Island became one of the prima donnas for them. This is because Banda Volcano Island with volcanic soil conditions makes spices grow fast and has the best quality in its class.

In 1988 the last eruption of
Banda Volcano Island. At that time, the sky throughout the Banda Islands was shrouded in thick, hot clouds. This eruption also caused severe damage in the underwater ecosystem.

Many coral reefs and various other types of marine life were destroyed by the eruption. However, it is unique, even after the eruption, the growth and propagation of the underwater ecosystem of
Banda Volcano Island became faster than before.

Even though the volcano is still active because of its status, there is no volcanic activity that should make local people aware. Banda Volcano Island is also equipped with its beauty with old fort buildings from the colonialists.

At present there are about 120 more types of coral reefs that live healthy and beautiful on
Banda Volcano Island. The beauty of coral reefs here can not be doubted. Many have recognized its beauty.

The beauty of the underwater world of
Banda Volcano Island has also reached foreign countries. One of the famous snorkeling, diving and scuba diving spots on Banda Volcano Island is Lava Flow. Here, you will see a variety of coral reefs and other marine life endemic to Eastern Indonesia, which you might not be able to find anywhere else. (PSW.IND / ENG / *)

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