Harau Valley, European Nuanced Travel Destinations in West Sumatra


INPHEDIA.ID - When visiting the Province of West Sumatra, Indonesia, do not admit travelers if you have not visited the Harau Valley, a canyon near the City of Payakumbuh, Limapuluh Kota Regency.

Harau Valley, which is flanked by two steep rock hills with a height of up to 150 meters, in the form of a steep, colorful sandstone, with a height of 100 to 500 meters, is one of the most beautiful valleys owned by Indonesia.

In the Harau Valley there are seven waterfalls, including Aka Barayun Waterfall, Sarasah Donat, Sarasah Boenta, Sarasah Talang and Sarasah Murai. The height of each waterfall varies between 50-90 meters. The waterfall flows from the cliff that runs along the Harau Valley.

Currently, the Harau Valley is a mainstay tourist destination for West Sumatra to attract tourists with its beautiful natural panorama. Moreover, now the Harau Valley is dressed with a European feel.

Its enchanting natural potential in the Harau Valley is optimized with the development of the present tourism area. One of the interesting things for you to visit is Sarosah Village. Here, you will be happy with many rides, one of which you must go to Harau Dream Park.

Sarosah Village was indeed made to please the visitors. No wonder the manager complements this tourist spot with many rides, such as Zip Line Bike, Flying Balloons, going around a pond with a small canoe, and instagenic European-style villages.

Harau Dream Park, as one of the rides in Sarosah Village in the Harau Valley is indeed a mainstay of selfie lovers. In this place, European nuances can be felt through some of the ornaments provided. Visitors of all ages can come and have fun here, from individuals, together, in groups to families.

Bright colors in a unique triangle-shaped building, the Eiffel Tower against the background of the Harau Valley, flagpoles, windmills, flower gardens, barns like the Dutch, and others, bring you to feel there in Europe there immediately. Not to mention the added cool air around the area. You can take pictures as much as you want here. Have a nice vacation to the Valley of Harau! (PSW.IND / ENG / *)

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