Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Hot Spring Bathing Pool Bogor


INPHEDIA.ID - Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Hot Spring Bathing Pool, bathing place in Bojong Indah Village, Parung, Bogor Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia, which is believed to be beneficial for health and therapy for certain diseases.

Located not far from the alternative route Tangerang-Bogor, Cogreg Highway, and the presence of several information boards leading to the location make this hot spring easy to find. Moreover, combined with the help of a location search application on "smartphones", Google Maps and Waze.

From the center of the capital city of Jakarta, the hot spring baths can be reached in only one and a half to two hours, while from the center of Bogor, only about 45 minutes by vehicle.

The bathing pool on the limestone hill not only offers a pleasant sensation of soaking in warm water that is healthy because of the sulfur content, but also offers a beautiful view from a height, in the form of rice fields and trees.

After entering the small gate at the entrance window, dozens of steps welcomed visitors to the plunge pool. On the hill, visitors can immediately enjoy the hot spring baths.

Not only bathing and swimming, visitors can also play flying fox and do outbound. Visitors can also smear the face and body with sulfur dissolved in warm water. Some visitors believe that sulfur is beneficial for physical health. (PSW.IND / ENG / *)

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