The Destinations of Enchanting Beaches in Kalianda, South Lampung -

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The Destinations of Enchanting Beaches in Kalianda, South Lampung

INPHEDIA.ID - Kalianda, the district capital, which is also a sub-district city in South Lampung (Lamsel), Lampung Province. The regency, located at the southern tip of the island of Sumatra, has many beaches, stretching along the coast in the region.

Besides being known as Mount Anak Krakatau, Bakauheni Port and Siger Tower, in South Lampung Regency there are beautiful beaches with a variety of charms. After the Sunda Strait tsunami was hit on Saturday night, December 22, 2018, the beaches in Kalianda had improved, including the management of beach tourism.

Some beautiful beaches that you can visit in Kalianda, including Maja Beach, Kedu Beach, Ketang Beach, Laguna or Alau-Alau Beach, Bagus Beach, Tanjung Beo Beach, Sappenan Beach, Tapak Kera Beach, Kalianda Resort Beach, Embe Beach (Merak Belantung), Marina Beach, Teluk Nipah Beach, Canti Beach, Batu Lapis Beach and Gunung Botak Beach or Journalist Beach.

To go to various beach tourism destinations in Kalianda is very easy. As a gateway to the island of Sumatra before crossing to Java and vice versa, this area can be traversed by land transportation. From the center of Bandarlampung City, the capital of Lampung Province, heading to Kalianda takes about 2 hours and even less, especially after the current Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) section. (PSW.IND / *)

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