How to Embed YouTube Videos on Websites/Blogs


INPHEDIA.ID - Video is one of very interesting content when applied to web pages/blogs. With the video, of course will make a content on the page to be very diverse. Moreover, the added content of the video provides information and benefits to the user.

Maybe some of you are learning HTML and want to apply video but don't know how to do it or someone forgot to embed a video from YouTube into a website/blog post from a blogspot template, actually the way is very easy and easy.

The steps, you select and open a YouTube video. At the bottom of the video, click SHARE. After that a pop up window that you must choose to appear. Because you will apply to the website/blog page, then you select it and click Embed. Then a pop up will appear again. In this view you copy the code that appears to the left of the video or click copy at the bottom of the code.

Next, you enter the website/blog post. In the Entry there is a Compose and HTML display, you click HTML and then paste the Embed video code that you copied earlier according to the position of the video you want, either above, middle or below the post. Then you Update your post by saving it. Done Your video has appeared on your website/blog post.

For its application, you can directly practice it on your YouTube video like the steps above. If the video you have entered is attached to the article/post, you edit it by giving it a space until there is a gap between the post and the embed video. Good luck! (INT.IND/*)

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