How to Make and Examples of Terms of Service (TOS) For a Website/Blog


INPHEDIA.ID - Terms of Service (TOS) is an agreement where users or readers of a website/blog must agree to certain conditions made by the owner of the website/blog before using the services of all contents of the blog.

The function of the Terms of Service itself so that both parties, between the owner of the website/blog and the website / blog visitors are not equally disadvantaged in terms of duplicating articles, products, or so forth.

How to create Terms of Service (TOS) for a website/blog manually is actually very easy and easy. Let me not be tired of thinking and writing it, for example you can copy paste as below. All you have to do is change every "WEBSITE/BLOG NAME" to be the name of your website/blog.

Terms of Service
By visiting the WEBSITE / BLOG NAME Website, you agree to the conditions set by the WEBSITE/BLOG NAME, which is as follows:

1. You agree not to copy paste or download articles/photos/videos or anything on the WEBSITE/BLOG NAME Website. With copy paste or download, both the article/photo/video on this website also shows your unprofessionalism, unless you get permission from the Editor and or Writer NAME WEBSITE/BLOG.

2. You agree not to disturb the convenience of the reader and to take actions that are not pleasing by giving spam comments and or other actions on the WEBSITE/BLOG NAME Website that is not appropriate in accordance with applicable law.

3. WEBSITE/BLOG NAME allows anyone to copy/distribute any article/article link on this website and disseminate it. But, NAME WEBSITE/BLOG prohibits anyone from copying past any posts/articles on this website for personal gain and certain purposes by editing, changing and so forth.

Changes in every article/article/video/photo from WEBSITE/BLOG NAME to the website/blog/social media or to other products, whether intentionally or unintentionally, if violating the rules and applicable law is not the responsibility of WEBSITE/BLOG NAME.

Note: Other things you can create according to your tastes and desires. Happy creation! (INT.IND/*)

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