In Writing Don't Forget This Sacred Formula


INPHEDIA.ID - Currently, there are quite a lot of types of writing if you want to be grouped or classified. Each has its own form and characteristics. There are writings that are based on reality (non-fiction) and there are also delusions (fiction), so there are also types that are related to business, such as offer letters, various types of business letters to meeting minutes and so forth.

So that you are not confused, forget first the types of writing that is a headache. Too much and it will create complexity for you in understanding writing. Focus first on the writing that you are going to make. Because most types of writing can be said to be good and right if it meets the same standard formula, which is 5W + 1H. That's the magic formula that holds journalists and many writers.

The formula 5W + 1H, consisting of W1 = What, W2 = Who, W3 = When, W4 = Where, W5 = Why and H = How. In discussing theories related to writing, it involves people or objects (who) who are carrying out activities, both passive and active (what), in a certain place and time (because) because of certain reasons why certain effects (how) as well as in the condition of the object written.

What (what), means what will be written and expressed as well as what you want to pour in the writing. What is this, in a series of words it can be anything and can determine the other 4W. Who (who), means who is the main character in What.

For you, who doesn't need to be a reporter or people who are much involved in the world of writing, to be able to write as well as they do, Who has to be a part of What. When you meet a Who who is not known to the target audience, then you must peel it well and deeper so that it is clearly related to What.

When is the time of the What. This is often ignored by many novice writers. Either forget or they still don't understand the importance of When in their writing. When the incident will give additional information and imagination of readers. Meanwhile, Where is what happened. Although it seems trivial, this scene has meaning. From there you will get a hint about an event.

While Why explains why what happened. This is the most interesting. Because of the Why formula can be peeled from various points of view in accordance with what was written. Finally, How provides an explanation of what happened, how it happened and so on.

The use of Why and How in practice is more about the translation of an article. Why and how in writing take an important role in explaining what, who, when and where.

By using the formula 5W + 1H (what, who, when, where, why and how), surely your writing in terms of completeness of information will not disappoint the reader. Everything needed is revealed and clear. If someone is disappointed, it is usually caused by the inaccuracy in revealing part of the formula and describing the writing.

For writing, this formula is not just for writing news, articles, books, essays or other serious writing, even job application letters, invitations or discussions on various occasions, this formula is very important to avoid misunderstandings and lack of information in writing and submission. (Akhmad Sadad / *)

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