Script For Posts/Articles on Website/Blog Cannot Copas, Right Click and Block


INPHEDIA.ID - So that writing/articles on your website/blog that you create cannot be copied and paste (Copas), cannot be right-clicked, cannot be CTRL + U and also cannot be blocked or selected by others without your knowledge the way is very easy and easy.

Of the many ways to anti-copas, one of them by replacing the <body> code with the script in this paper. The steps, Login to the website/blog and click on the Template/Edit HTML menu. Then, you search for <body> code and replace it with the script below.

Search for <body> code and replace it with the script below:

<body oncontextmenu='return false;' onkeydown='return false;' onmousedown='return false;'>

*) After changing the <body> code above, then Save and see the results. Very easy and easy right? The script is also short. Good luck and good luck! (TN.IND / *)

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